South Korean Carmakers Getting Closer To Launching Nations First Pickup Truck

South Korean car manufacturer, Kia, has never stopped growing. As of today, Kia is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world but they have yet to develop a pickup truck. Well, this will look to change soon after reports have surfaced that Kia is currently working on the GT truck.

In detail, Kia’s vice president of international sales, Lee-In Cheol, revealed that they are currently researching on the best size for their upcoming pickup truck. The lad added that Kia is deciding between a large pickup truck like those in the US or a small compact one.

However, with rival company Hyundai already on a profit spree with the Santa Fe, they too could be preparing a pickup truck variant of their SUV in the near future. This will result in a brewing rivalry between both Kia and Hyundai on which will able to offer the better pickup truck.

Unfortunately, Lee failed to share on when they will release their first ever pickup truck but Lee did share that the vehicle will be ready before their free trade deal with the US expires in 2021.

With that being said, car junkies here in the US can stay patient as the Kia pickup truck is still some time away from getting produced for the global market.

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