Chevy Colorado vs Toyota Hilux: Pickup Truck Madness Incoming

Late last year, Chevrolet single-handedly revived the pickup truck market here in the US through launching the latest Colorado. In a matter of months from now, the revolutionary pickup truck will meet a challenge that is in the form of the next-generation Toyota Hilux.

Toyota has already fired warning shots by teasing on the multiple engine options that are coming with the future Hilux. The Japanese carmaker shared last week that consumers will be able to choose from 2.5Ld diesel, 3L diesel of the 4L V6 petrol engine.

Just by the sound of it, the Hilux is already perceived as something really powerful. However, it is wrong to think that the pickup truck is not fuel efficient. With Toyota being the world’s leading entity in fuel economy, there is no doubt that the future Hilux will look to beat the Colorado’s fuel consumption rate.

On the design front, Toyota has made it known that the Hilux will be coming with American DNA. This means that the vehicle is going to be larger than its predecessors as it wears more muscles. The interior too will be improved on as Toyota aims to integrate the Hilux with all of the latest tech features on an automobile.

The bottom line is that the next-generation Toyota Hilux is certainly promising. If every piece of information shared above are spot on, then car junkies can look to an interesting competition in the pickup truck market.

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