Resident Evil 7 Surprises May Catch Us Off-guard

Over the last few years, the Resident Evil franchise from Capcom has been on a decline due to its sudden switch in genre. In detail, the last three Resident Evil titles have bred an angry mob of fans that prefers the traditional horror gameplay instead of a fast-paced shooter title.

With the Resident Evil series fluctuating, many are not having high expectations for the upcoming title, Resident Evil 7. Well, this is a mistake made by the fans as they should jump in joy for the future sequel.

This is because Resident Evil 7 will be a remake of the award-winning first trilogy that will feature a horrifying gameplay throughout. Furthermore, Resident Evil 7 is tipped to make its debut on the Xbox One and PS4. In other words, the game is going to come with some insane graphics, thus, enhancing the horrific experience.

Of course, the above is confirmed after a screenshot of the game got leaked online and it shows a familiar cut-scene from the series’ first trilogy. When Resident Evil 7 gets released, it will be making its debut across all platforms including the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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