New Mazda CX-5: Eco-Friendly Plastic Will Be A Main Feature

It is no secret that Mazda will be refreshing the CX-5 with a new model late next year. Aside from being an improved model from the existing vehicle, the upcoming CX-5 is also going to feature Mazda’s new bioplastic material.

The latter is developed by Mazda Motors, together with Mitsubishi Chemicals and it is said to be stronger and more durable than conventional plastic. The material is also confirmed to be both heat resistant and of higher quality.

In detail, the bioplastic is made of plat-derived material that doesn’t require petroleum for development. The upside to this is that producing bioplastic eliminates C02 emissions. Furthermore, the bioplastic can be dyed so there is no need for painting it. The dye will result into a mirror-like finish that is longer lasting then normal painted plastic.

Then again, the new material will be featuring in the next-generation MX-5 first before it gets utilized by the CX-5. Both vehicles are due to arrive next year and we can’t wait to see the bioplastic material at play.