Honda Crosstour: Mimicking The Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is a luxury vehicle that only the rich can afford. However, not everyone wants a Panamera due to its ugly design. For the average consumer, they might not be able to purchase the Panamera but alternatively, they can get the brand new Honda Crosstour.

This latest vehicle can be described as the cheap version of the Porsche Panamera as it exhibits an ugly design. Everything about the Crosstour looks wrong. It comes with poor structure proportions, bad colour combination and ugly taillights and headlights.

Under the hood, however, the Crosstour can be pleasing as it offers a decent performance to the drivers. In detail, the Honda Crosstour is offered with two engine options and they are the 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder motors. Consumers can also choose between AWD or FWD with the Crosstour.

With a high ground clearance packed together with all the latest techs offered with the Crosstour, the vehicle can run on dirt roads too. As such, the Crosstour is a lot like the Porsche Panamera. Both cars were released with bad styling but on the performance front, they are among the best.

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