Ford Goes For Blackberry Instead Of Microsoft

It looks like Ford will be saying goodbye to Microsoft and hello to Blackberry when it comes to developing the Sync 3.

The Blackberry QNX is going to be the OS for Sync 3 in the future but Microsoft are still going to do the updates for Sync 3 and further updates are going to be done by Blackberry. However they will be done using the Azure Cloud servers of Microsoft and be then transmitted to the Sync 3 system.

Microsoft will be the ones that are behind Sync 3 getting WiFi connectivity and at the moment Sync 3 is in the final stages of being developed and it should be released next year.

We have also heard that the MyFord Touch system is going to be taken over by a new infotainment system and this is going to be seen on the 2016 Lincoln along with Ford vehicles.


Allison Blackburn

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