2017 Nissan Leaf Deserves A Second Lookover

Nissan Leaf as chosen as the Nissan IDS concept for 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. So, what can the IDS concept offer this time?

Nissan uses the 60-kWh battery capacity, and the higher energy comes from two areas, packaging and battery. In comparison to the current nickel and manganese formulation, the battery cells use a new nickel-manganese cobalt chemistry for the anode.

Furthermore, the new Nissan Leaf of the IDS concept will be slightly larger in dimensions with 176.0 inch long, 74.0-inch width and 110.2-inch wheelbase. Nonetheless, the battery pack is still of the same size and mounted in the floor.

The car will also offer an autonomous driving. Depending on where you live, the IDS concept will go so far as to park away the steering mechanism when it changes to piloted driving. There is still no official announcement by Nissan but the Nissan Leaf may be available in 2017 as a 2018 model year.

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