Subaru Forester Comes With Bigger 7-Seater SUV

Subaru has decided to take a different approach this time, by focusing on coming out with bigger SUVs. Rumor has it that a seven-seater SUV will be assembled in Indiana, and the new Subaru Forester production will be moved there in 2016.

Besides that, the carmaker is going to launch a plug-in hybrid in two years, but it will only be sold to meet zero-emissions requirements.

The Japanese brand may be known for its wagons and crossovers, but Subaru never forgets its fans who opt for bigger cars. Fuji Heavy Industries President, Yasuyuki Yoshinaga confirms that the new Subaru Forester SUV is under development, which is going to be larger and offers better performance.

If the news is true, then Subaru will welcome a new member in the Subaru family that will add on to the carmaker’s car collection.

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