2017 Jeep Wrangler: Is Aluminium The Answer!

With the government regulating stricter emission laws, Jeep is being pressured to change their vehicles into fuel efficient ones. Of course, there are still many years away before the new law goes into full effect and this means that Jeep will have ample time to introduce fuel efficient features on their vehicle.

While not officially revealed, insiders are claiming that Jeep is going to start on their fuel efficient project with the existing Wrangler. In detail, Jeep is working on a special Wrangler trim that can offer great fuel economy.

The trim will see the Wrangler being built on aluminium and this confirms that Jeep is wishing for the vehicle to become lighter than before. With a light-weighing Wrangler, the vehicle can offer more fuel mileage.

If the above is spot on, then the future Wrangler is surely going to be an irresistible car. This is because the Wrangler will be able to offer great power, plenty of thrills, nice comfort and also fuel efficiency.

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