2016 Ford Bronco: Shying Away From The Cinemas

The rumours were rife in claiming that Ford is producing the next-gen Bronco. The thing is that the Bronco is heavily tipped to get unveiled in the cinemas. In case you are unaware, the Bronco is tipped to get unveiled in the latest hit movie, Jurassic World.

Well, that has failed to happen and it sees the Ford Bronco missing out on getting unveiled in the film. We were not surprised by the outcome since we don’t expect a new Bronco to get produced at all. Ford has countlessly shared that there won’t be a new Bronco coming at all.

In detail, Ford claims that the Bronco is never going to get produced due to its low popularity. Also, Ford is still haunted by the nightmares of the fiasco from the late 90s. Hence, Ford is right when they say that there will be no new Bronco coming.

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