2016 Chevrolet Camaro: Sprinting To May 16

In less than a month from now, Chevrolet will be unveiling the next-gen Camaro for one last time before launching it here in the US. The unveiling party is going to happen on May 16 and it will see Chevrolet spilling every bean on the car.

For months already, Chevrolet has been teasing that the next-gen Camaro is going to be better than the latest Ford Mustang but they have yet to share any performance figures to support their claims.

However, we don’t think it is exaggerated since the Camaro is built on the new ATS platform from Cadillac. The new architecture basically reduces the size and weight of the Camaro thus giving it better aerodynamics and much more power to toy with.

This is evident if car junkies are to check out the numerous spy shots on the vehicle and they all confirm that the next-gen Camaro is going to come out with smaller measurements. All that is left is for Chevy to share the performance details and that is going to happen on May 16 next month.

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