2015 Volkswagen Beetle SUV: Is It Necessary? [PICS]

We are already in 2015 and it is an exciting year ahead for car junkies. This is because Volkswagen will be looking to release the next-gen Beetle that will be known as the Beetle Dune. The SUV-like version of the classy vehicle has already got its concept unveiled and it does look appealing.

However, is the Beetle Dune something that the masses are looking for? To answer this question, consumers need to understand what the Dune has got to offer. For starters, the Beetle Dune is not as prolific as other classy vehicles in the market.

The car basically runs on pretty basic tyres and has a conventional styling where changes are minimalistic. The Dune can easily be described as a buggy like the Baja Bug.

With that being said, it will make complete sense if the Volkswagen Beetle Dune gets released in coastal regions where there is a sandy beach for the vehicle to drive on. Seeing the Beetle Dune running on land-locked cities will surely be awkward for both the vehicle and the driver.

Of course, this is the common perception by consumers when viewing the Beetle Dune. The dispute is simply with the fashion statement which the mini-crossover wishes to make. Nevertheless, consumers can never go wrong with the Beetle and the Dune will definitely a highlight of this year.

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