2015 Nissan 370Z: Size Does Not Matter?

Come next year, the Nissan 370Z will be updated with a brand new model that will look to come with a different name. Nissan confirmed this yesterday by highlighting that the next-gen 370Z will come with smaller engines.

The carmaker also added that the 370 in the 370Z is based on the car’s engine displacement. With the roadster coming with a smaller engine, the digits too will also shrink. On the upside of things, the Z will be retained to signify the car’s rich heritage.

While it all sounds interesting, it is unfortunate that Nissan failed to share on the sort of engine that will be powering the next-gen 370Z. The smaller engine is said to offer drivers a cheaper operating cost but power will be enhanced from the old 3.7L V6.

If the next-gen Nissan 370Z is to come with a 2L engine, then it will take us a lot of time to adjust ourselves to call it the Nissan 200Z.

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