2015 Jeep Wrangler Review: More A Chrysler Than A Jeep

The Jeep Wrangler started life back in the days of World War II and slowly became known as the world class off-road vehicle that it is today. Throughout the years the Jeep Wrangler has gone through a great deal of changes and there is no doubt that improvements have been made for the better of the vehicle. One of the latest changes to be made was the inclusion of a four door Wrangler in the Jeep line-up and it soon became plain to see that this is what people liked as it outsold the two doors in no time. The latest in the line-up of Jeep Wranglers is the four door Sahara, but the question is, has the Jeep Wrangler forgot its roots and is more like a Chrysler now than a Jeep?

When one thinks about a Jeep Wrangler they assume that they are going to climb into a vehicle that will offer them anything but a comfortable ride, perhaps a little bouncy and a clutch that will be hard. However as soon your behind sinks into the plush driver’s seat and you glance around you at the interior of the cabin, you begin to think that you are not actually inside a Jeep Wrangler but maybe a Chrysler or another sedan.

While there is no doubt that the Jeep Wrangler could still take on the meanest pot hole filled roads and rugged hills, the vehicle does feel just like any other typical modern car of today and it offers all the mod-cons, including 4-wheel drive that can be activated at just a slight tug of a lever.

The Jeep Wrangler has the V6 Pentastar 3.6 litre engine and the electronic throttle control; it has all the modern technology of a luxury car; however it can feel somewhat sluggish trying to get the vehicle up to 40mph. You do really have to press the pedal to the metal.

The Jeep Wrangler Sahara is a luxury SUV that offers plenty of space in the ample cabin and yet it retains the pedigree it has always had for off-road driving. The Wrangler has come a long way since the days of World War II, you can even choose trim levels to ensure uniqueness. The Wrangler in short has been civilised and you would not feel out of place doing the school run in it, while you would also be happy to pack up the cargo space with tents and head out into the hills. It offers all the luxury and comfort of a Chrysler while still packing all the ruggedness that the Wrangler name is known for.

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