2015 Honda HRV Crossover Fit: The Confirmed & The Expected

In a matter of months from now, Honda will be launching the all-new HRV Crossover Fit. The Japanese carmaker describes the vehicle as a compact mini-SUV that has a coupe-liked cockpit. The aim is simply to morph the HRV and Fit into a coupe.

Despite that fact, it is wrong to think of the vehicle as a 2-door coupe when in reality, it comes with 4-doors. Honda did a fine job in hiding the rear door handles to make it look like a pure breed coupe.

The other feature on the HRV Crossover Fit is the bullet-style, sloping roofline. It completes the overall coupe look but at the same time, sacrifices the comfort for the rear-seated passengers. After all, the curvy roof caused the rear headroom and shoulder room to be smaller than before.

The HRV Crossover Fit is also confirmed to be running on a CVT transmission. The top of the range model, on the other hand, will be offered with a 6-speed manual.

In short, the Honda HRV Crossover Fit is going to be a fashion statement for car junkies. The vehicle is expected to retail at an opening price of $16,000. The value of the car is capped at $21,000.

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