Kingdom Hearts 3: There Is No Escaping Death

It is no secret that Kingdom Hearts 3 is in production and the game will see the defeat of the antagonist, Xehanort. Square Enix has made it known that a great final battle will take place between the good forces and the dark forces.

On another note, a recent interview with the game developer revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a more mature storyline. This is to cater to the many fans that have been attached to the series for so long that they are now mostly adults.

Taking that into account, fans can look forward to seeing some deaths occurring in the game. After all, it will be very anti-climactic if there isn’t any life lost for the good side when fighting a war. It simply won’t make sense.

With that being said, there have been numerous discussions over which character will face the noose. We believe that it will be Terra from the three Wayfinders. The lad has been possessed countless time by his alter ego and perhaps, it will lead him to his grave.

On the other hand, it can also be Sora. The protagonist could get killed in action but soon, be revived by a divine entity which also blessed him with the knowledge to unlock the secrets of the Keyblade. With it, Sora can finally attain victory over Xehanort and restore the peace in the universe.

Of course, these are just the possibilities that could happen in Kingdom Hearts 3. For all we know, Square Enix must have some great ideas up their sleeves and can’t wait to see on the inevitable deaths that will happen in the upcoming title.

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