2015 Ford Mustang Steeda Edition Is The Fastest In History

Whenever a brand new Ford Mustang gets released, it will be followed by tons of new custom tuned variants. The latest Ford Mustang is no different as many third-party companies rushed to develop their own version of the sports sedan.

Among them is Steeda, which has created history after they produced the fastest Ford Mustang ever. The custom tuned vehicle came out with 775hp developed by the re-tuned stock engine. In total, there are three custom tunes offered by Steeda and they offer 480, 640 and 775hp.

The 480hp package is believed to come with new exhausts, air intakes and tuning modifications. The 640hp and 775hp trims, on the other hand, require force induction like a supercharger to achieve such figures.

Of course, Steeda is still pending to release their custom tuned Ford Mustang. As such, we can’t really tell on how much the vehicle will be retailing at. Then again, it won’t be long until the 775hp Ford Mustang runs rampant on the roads as we expect it to debut in the coming weeks.


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