2015 Ford Mustang Steeda Edition Boasts 775HP!

The latest Ford Mustang is already a powerful muscle car but things have improved by a magnitude when the vehicle was tuned by Steeda. The suspension developer has picked up the all-new Q-series Mustang and modded it into a super car.

The result is a new-looking Mustang that comes with an integrated splitter, a spoiler and larger wheels for constant stability and better aerodynamics.

There are three different performance packages offered by Steeda. The entry level model is the Mustang that generates 480hp. Up one level is a Mustang that generates 650hp. The eye-candy of them all is with the top-of-the-range model which comes with a whopping 775hp.

The 480hp model comes with modifications to the exhaust intake and some tunings. The 650hp and 775hp variants, on the other hand, relied on forced induction that is possibly that of a supercharger.

Following its creation, the Steeda-tuned Mustang was penned in the book of records for being the world’s most powerful Mustang in history. It is the first ever Mustang to go beyond the 750hp mark. The Steeda Mustang leads the pack, ahead of the 717hp Saleen Mustang.

Unfortunately, Steeda didn’t share the details on how they managed to achieve 775hp with the Mustang. On the bright side of things, Steeda is one of the best suspension developers so fans can expect some great handling with the Mustang.

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