Xbox One: Black Friday Deals Still Ongoing!

Gamers on the Xbox One are being treated to the longest Black Friday in gaming history. It seems that Microsoft has yet to take away the Black Friday deals on the Xbox Live network and players can still purchase some new games with the discounts intact.

On the downside of things, the promotion is only for Xbox Live subscribers so if you have yet to get on Xbox Live, you should do so since the savings are massive. After all, the discounts ranges from 10%, all the up to 75%.

For AAA title-seekers, there is Watch Dogs and Destiny that comes with a 33% and 10% discount respectively. Other great titles like Battleblock Theater and Valiant Hearts: The Great War are going off at half its original price.

All in all, this is one crazy promotion not to be missed. Xbox One gamers can head down to the Xbox Live Store and check out on all the deals there. It is best to act fast as nobody has a clue on when Black Friday will end for Microsoft.


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