2015 Ford Mustang GT350 Turns Insane In New Concept

A new Ford Mustang GT350 is tipped to arrive later this year but nobody knows on how the car will be made to appear like. Even so, Mustang fans believe that the next-gen Mustang GT350 is going to come out with a vicious new look.

JCDesign felt the same way too and this has led them to create their concept design of the car. If fans are to check out the concept rendering, they will be greeted by a super sporty visualization of the GT350.

In detail, the vehicle features a bodykit that is packed with tons of air vents, lines and creases. There is also a super large spoiler resting above the boot. The wheels too look insane and identical to those on the Lamborghinis. To complete the package, the GT350 is made to be more lowered than ever.

The concept can be described in one word and that is insane. Of course, if Ford is to develop the Mustang GT350, it won’t appear anything like JCDesign’s concept art.

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