Silent Hill P.T Too Scary Even For Kojima

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Everybody knows that Hideo Kojima comes out with some of the best Horror games we have ever played. The short Silent Hill P.T was more than enough to proof that the developer still has it in him but sadly, that will be the last time we will be seeing a horror game from him at least in the near future.

Kojima reveals that while he is great at making horror games, he himself are afraid of them. He told IGN that games like this give him nightmares. He also explains that that was probably the reason why he is so good at making them, it is because he knows what scares people.

He added that he wants to step away from creating horror game for now. This means that we will not be seeing another horror game from Hideo Kojima in the near future. We are hoping that he would find the courage to create another but even if he does, it will be years later.

For now, the next Hideo Kojima game that we will be getting will be Death Stranding. There is not a whole not a detail about the game right now and the trailers we’ve seen only seems to make the game even more confusing.