Shadow Of Mordor 2: Fans Have Spoken

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Here is the thing, the end of the first Shadow of Mordor game does suggest that there might be a sequel on the way but so far, there have been no indication from Monolith that a sequel might be in the making.

While we have not heard from Monolith yet, a lot of people seems to believe that a sequel is being made especially after the game was seen in one of the resumes of a stunt actress. So if there is really going to be a sequel, what do the fans want to see?

Well, most of them want to see a more interesting Nemesis system. The one introduced with the first game was interesting but it did feel like Monolith could have done more with it to make it even better.

Others are hoping that they will get a bigger map this time and maybe even get the opportunity to travel out of Mordor although we don’t see how that would make sense since this is the Shadow of Mordor after all.