Tesla Model S Buries Mercedes, BMW Even Deeper

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always been on the top of the premium sedan segment but it looks like their time on the top is close to over as Tesla claims the best seeing title for themselves.

The latest sales report for the third quarter have revealed that Tesla managed to sell an impressive 9156 units of their Tesla Model S sedan, that is a 59% jump from the previous year.

Mercedes only sold 4921 units of their S-Class model while BMW sold only 3634 units of their BMW 7-Series. However, that does not mean that Mercedes and BMW are in trouble right now. Unlike Tesla, both Mercedes and BMW and a long list of vehicles to offer and the S-Class and 7-Series is just one of the many that they are offering right now. Tesla, on the other hand, has only a handful of models to offer.

We know that Tesla is looking to upgrade their plant so that they are able to push out more vehicles faster to include the sales number.

Steven Estevez

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