Overwatch: Time To Get Off The Fence

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It is clear now that Overwatch could be one of the top games this year but because it is mainly a multiplayer online game, a lot of people have been holding off from getting the game.

If you are still wondering if you should buy the game and join the Overwatch craze, well, Blizzard is going to allow you to test it out so that you can see if you liked it or not before making that decision.

The game Overwatch will be offered for free on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. PS4 and Xbox One users can download the game and play it. Those living in Europe will get to try it out on the 9th of September at 20:00 CEST while those living in America will get to test it out on the 9th of September at 11am PDT. Those living in Asia will get to play it on the 10th of September at 2am CST.

All the items and loot receive in the trail will be saved so that you can access them when you get the full game.