Ford Focus RS vs Mustang: Can’t See The Full Picture

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With all the great news we have been hearing about the Ford Focus RS, you would think that most people would be very impressed with what Ford has to offer on the Focus RS. Well, it looks like that is not the case as a Mustang owners do not seem to be too impress with what the Focus RS has to offer.

The Ford Mustang owner went on Reddit to talk about his experience with the Ford Focus RS when he took his Mustang in for services. One of the issue that he immediately notices when he got into the Ford Focus RS was the view of the driver. He pointed out that the Focus RS had a huge blind spot.

He also commented on how cheap the interior feels compared to the Mustang. You can read more about what he has to say about the Ford Focus RS here.

With new features like the new drift mode and a new 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine, the Ford Focus RS is seen as one of the top performance models in the market right now but that does not mean it is perfect.