Fisker EMotion Looks Like A Tesla Model 3 On Steroids

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Well, it looks like Tesla will have to add another model to their list of rival as Henrik Fisker reveal their new creation, the Fisker EMotion.

The company has just released a few images of the upcoming model and from what we can see right now, the Fisker EMotion might come looking like the Tesla Model 3 although the EMotion does seem to have a little more attitude.

Not only does the EMotion look fiercer than the Tesla Model 3 on the outside but it is also fiercer on the inside as well. Fisker announced that the EV powered model will be coming with an electric engine that will be able to hit a top speed of 161mph. The vehicle will also be bale to travel 400miles on a single charge. That is further than the best Tesla model, the Tesla Model S P90D which offer about 302miles of range right now.

More details about the Fisker EMotion will be release next year.