Duke Nukem 3D Labeled A “Money Grabber”

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Duke Nukem 3D fans were ecstatic when the news about a rerelease of the game surface a few weeks ago but now that we have seen what the developers was going to offer us, we are far from impressed.

Most die hard Duke Nukem 3D fans will be happy that the game is being rereleased for their 20th anniversary celebration and most of them would be more than willing to cough out the $20 for the 20 years old game but will all the missing content, the fans felt like the developers were just out to get some extra money from them.

One of the biggest upset seems to be the missing Megaton. Fans are wondering if the game is worth paying now that it comes with no much less content. We do not know why Gearbox decided to leave it out but there are reports claiming that they might have lost the rights to the Megaton Edition.

However, not everybody is mad with the rereleased. Some people think that new version is slightly different and that it might be worth paying for. What do you think?