Dragon Age 3 & The Qunari Origins Conundrum Clarified

It is 2014 now and we are getting closer to the arrival of the third Dragon Age title, Dragon Age Inquisition. This upcoming RPG game will be the biggest and the best there is since it is the first role-playing title to land on both the Xbox One and PS4.

As we every second passes by, the excitement among fans grew. Many are curious on how the game will turn out to be. As a result, fans have been discussing about Dragon Age 3 across the blogosphere.

According to Examiner, Dragon Age 3 is known to offer a more playable race so fans are looking forward to try them all, particularly the Qunari race. Many rumours suggest the Qunari to be descendants of the Dragon itself. The debate has been hot and it even reaches the game developer.

Creative director, Mike Laidlaw, revealed that anything regarding the Qunaris is still in discussion among the developers.

Playing as a Qunari will offer player a whole new landscape of gameplay as the race has its own exclusive scenarios.

Dragon Age 3 is one of the most wanted games at the moment and it will look to arrive this fall. Many can’t wait to see how it will turn out to be once it arrives on the next-gen consoles.

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