Call of Duty Black Ops III DLC: Vehicle You Can Play With

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The new trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops III DLC, Salvation has just been released. As exciting as the rest of the trailer was, the fans seems to be interested in the playable vehicle that the trailer has suggested.

The trailer showed the Manticore bipedal mech in action which is also available in the campaign mode but you will have to get a killstreak to get it on the map. Unlike the campaign mode, the Manticore bipedal mech will be on the map for players to control.

Of course, this is not the vehicle that the players have been asking for but it is better than nothing, right? Some fans were hoping that the developers would start offering some real vehicles like Jeeps and Tanks.

The new DLC will come with 4 new Multiplayer maps. You can check out the full Salvation trailer below.