Shadow of Mordor 2: Not Ready To Step On Stage?

We have been hearing a lot about a possible sequel to Shadow of Mordor 2 but so far, there have not been any real evidence that can confirm the fact that the developers are working on one.

Many believe that the developers are working on the sequel as they seem to be hinting that they are looking forward to doing more with the Nemesis system. When they were talking about the first game, they added that the Nemesis system has a lot more potential and that they have more planned for the future.

Then the game was spotted in the resume of a stunt actress. The game “Shadow of Mordor 2” was listed as one of her previous jobs. While some believe that it is a hoax, other think that it might be the real deal.

If that is the case, where is the game now? We were expecting to hear about the game at E3 this year but that did not happen. Shadow of Mordor 2 was also a no-show at Gamescom 2016. Do you think there will be a sequel?

Steven Estevez

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