2018 Jeep Cherokee Going To Get Kicked Out

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With what Jeep has to offer right now, some Jeep Cherokee fans are worried that the Jeep Cherokee will no longer have a place in Jeep lineup and will end up getting killed off.

The Jeep Cherokee is in danger not because it is not popular but because there might no longer be space for it in the Jeep lineup. Jeep announces that they will be replacing the Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot with a new Jeep model that will come in to sit below the Cherokee and above the Renegade.

With the Jeep Cherokee now already getting a little too close to the Grand Cherokee, would the arrival of the new Compatriot kick them out of the picture completely? Hopefully not.

The fans think that Jeep would end up giving the Jeep Cherokee a huge upgrade so that it can continue to stay relevant.