Tesla Model S Feeling Desperate?

It looks like Tesla is getting close to achieving the GAAP profitability for Q3 this year and because of that, they are desperate to sell as many Tesla Model S models right now.

After the email was leaked, the consumers have been reported that Tesla has been offering some unusual discounts and perks. In the past, if you wanted to own a Tesla, you will have to wait for at least a week or two before you get to drive the car but now, some consumers are reporting that they are being offered to drive it off the lot after purchasing it.

There are others who have reported that Tesla has been offering them some pretty neat deals. Some said that they could now get a Model S 75 for the price of a new Model S 60 while other reported that they were offered up to $7500 additional discount.

It is unlike Tesla to offer so many discounts and deals which is why people think that Tesla is getting a little bit desperate.

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