2017 Honda CR-V vs Toyota RAV4: Slow Response Will Cost Them

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As soon as it was clear that the consumers are ready for hybrid-powered models, Toyota immediately started working on the hybrid RAV4 model. It was reported that the addition of the Toyota RAV4 hybrid has helped improve the sales of the Toyota RAV4 by 10%.

Honda, on the other hand, is taking their own sweet time with the hybrid upgrade. While their fans have already been asking them to offer them the hybrid option for the Honda CR-V, Honda is definitely not in a hurry to offer them one right now.

There are reports saying that the 2018 Honda CR-V will be coming in with a hybrid option but it does not look like the 2017 model will be getting the hybrid upgrade. With the demand for a hybrid-powered model on the rise, not having the option on the Honda CR-V might affect the sales of the model in a long run. Do you think Honda is making the right move by taking things slow?