2017 Honda Civic Hatchback: The Wait Continues

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Honda has been testing our patience with the Honda Civic Hatchback model. We had to wait for months before we got to see how the hatchback version will look like and now we have to wait for Honda to release it.

Honda showed off the new Honda Civic Hatchback model last month and like what most people have predicted, the new Honda Civic Hatchback production model did end up looking just like the concept they showed off earlier this year.

While they did take the covers off the Honda Civic Hatchback, they failed to announce the arrival date of the Honda Civic Hatchback. It is said that the production for the hatchback model has already started and that Honda has already started shipping them out.

If that is the case, the Honda Civic Hatchback should be arriving at the dealers in a month time. Most people seems to believe that we might see it in October although other seems to think that November is more likely.