GTA 5 Online Simple Solo Dupe Glitch Being Exploited By Players Already

Making money in GTA Online can be a pain to the players. Due to this, the GTA community has been exploiting on the many glitches in the game to earn easily. Most of the glitches in the game involves duplicating cars. These duped cars and trucks (for example Mercedes G-class or Chevy Silverado clones) are then sold for the money.

While there are many car dupes glitches available, one particular method, known as the Rebel method, is being widely practice. Its popularity was because of the payout. Every vehicle sold with this glitch gives a full amount payment instead of being capped at X amount. In addition to that, you work alone. Here is how you can exploit this glitch.

1. If your car is SP to MP or if you’ve received the $50k message, it is best to get a Rebel as your vehicle. Get the car in your garage and wait for the name to fade or the engine to start.
2. At that precise timing (requires a lot of tries), press Triangle/Y and tap or hold R2/ Right Trigger. Do let go of Triangle/Y before pressing R2/RT. If done right, the camera zoom will change or the car’s door will open slightly as the screen fades.
3. You will spawn next to your car. Now, this is a duped car. Get in the car and drive away. Re-enter the garage and do not replace your original car.
4. Drive the car again and head down to LSC. Call your mechanic and request for the same car you’re driving. If you are restricted to step 1, then call for the Rebel.
5. Once the Rebel appears, sell away the car.
6. Once sold, retrieve the original car and reinsure it. Take it back to your garage.
7. To dupe it again, return to single player mode and re-enter invite only session. If you’ve used the Rebel, destroy it and get a new one. Repeat the entire process.

At the moment, this is the simplest and quickest way to earn cash. Heck, players can even fill up their garage with all the duplicates as well. Until Rockstar released more contents to GTA Online, players will have to resort to this method to make money.

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