Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Why wouldn’t any driver love all-season tires? These tires guarantee year-round safe traction and braking. They also [provide extra-long tread life and exceptional comfort. This is so despite many drivers seem to believe that all-season tires are not the best tires for winter and unfriendly cold weather conditions. Some budget tires seem to work in these conditions, so most drivers can live with slightly worse dry and wet traction. Altogether, performance on snow is a different story. Many tires from the all-season category suffer in these conditions. This means that they are not safe to be used in these conditions. On a positive note, some tire manufacturers these days produce all weather tires and the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady is one of the best-selling on the market.

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

For starters, all-weather tires still belong to the all-season category tires. However, these tires tend to focus on winter conditions instead of the best possible performance in dry and wet conditions. This means that they naturally lose the edge on dry roads. Nevertheless, this is the difference that most drivers will never notice. To the grand-touring all-season category of Goodyear tires, the Assurance WeartherReady is the newest addition. On the other hand, it’s not like other Goodyear tires. This model uses the 3PMSF certification. This is an abbreviation of Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake. This means that the Assurance WeartherReady tire is certified for driving in severe winter conditions which include packed and unpacked snow.

Goodyear tried to improve snow traction if we go by the features built into this model. But someone might wonder if this tire is bad in other weather conditions. There is only one way to find out. In this review of the Assurance WeartherReady, we will review every detail about the tire. When you scroll down, you will find the information we have uncovered on the marketed snow traction of the tire.

We have also uncovered the dry and wet performance, comfort, and durability of the tire. We will also make a comparison of the Assurance WeartherReady to other grand-touring all-season tires of competitors. This comparison is necessary the fact that Goodyear offers this model of tires in a lot of sizes. This Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady tire is available in 15” wheel diameter up to 20” wheel diameter. Goodyear covers a large variety of cars with those dimensions. The cars that might be included in these dimensions include compact cars such as Corolla and Civic, mid-size sedans such as Accord and Camry, minivans, and even some crossovers and coupes. Now, before we jump to any conclusion, let’s look at what features the Assurance WeartherReady has.

Features of the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tire

Goodyear designed the Assurance WeartherReady to be a winter tire. It was designed for those people who own compact cars, mid-size sedans, and minivans. These tires are offered in a wide range of sizes. They start from the range of 15-inch wheel diameter up to 20-inch wheel diameter. Many older vehicles are covered with these sizes. Assurance WeartherReady is a value winter season tire that provides comfort and control and this is according to Goodyear. On the other hand, if you took this tire for a test drive, you’ll find that it has excellent handling and a quiet ride. At an attractive price, this tire provides winter and snow season traction and long-lasting treadwear.

On a more positive note, Goodyear used a soy-based type of tread compound. This compound holds the tire. Tread compound is the single most important thing for traction, grip, and braking. Through research, we discovered this model has a tread pattern that features four wide circumferential grooves. This type of tread pattern has become the industry standard. These four wide circumferential grooves channel large amounts of water through the lateral grooves of the tire. These lateral grooves improve hydroplaning resistance. They also improve traction in rainy conditions.

Meanwhile, to improve cornering grip and stability on dry roads, this tread also features stable shoulder blocks. Another Interesting factor is that Goodyear used zigzag sipes on the tread blocks of this model. The function of these sipes is to increase the number of biting edges. They do this for better snow traction. These also help when driving on ice. And on most winter tires, you can find these same sipes.

For noise performance, the tread pattern on the Assurance WeartherReady is also optimized. Also, to improve the look of the tire, its sidewall is vertically serrated. In the all-season category, it looks better than most offerings from Goodyear, at least from the side.

Maintenance Indicators for the Assurance WeartherReady Tire

When designing the Assurance WeartherReady, Goodyear used the industry-standard tread wear indicators (TWI’s). The function of these indicators is to help the driver monitor the tread depth more easily. They also notify him/her when the tires need to be replaced. The reason for this is that wet traction becomes worse with time. The grooves on the tire become shallower, as the tread wears down. This limits the capability of the tire’s hydroplaning. Though this model doesn’t feature more comprehensive wear gauge indicators like the ones in the Assurance MaxLife, this is expected from this model because the MaxLife is a newer product in Goodyear’s lineup.

The minimum tread depth for driving in wet conditions is considered 2/32-inch, or 1.6 mm, on passenger all-season tires. This is for metric sized cars. It is considered unsafe to drive on wet surfaces when the tread depth reaches that point. And when it does, you are advised to immediately replace the whole set.

If you want to know when the tread reached the 2/32-inch threshold, you can always check the treadwear indicators; they will help you with it. These treadwear indicators are essentially narrow rubber bars that sit recessed in the circumferential grooves of the Assurance WeartherReady tire. The TWI’s will become more visible, as the tread wears down. The tread will be completely flush with the surface when they reach the 2/32-inch threshold. On this model of the tire, Goodyear provides a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty. That’s pretty amazing for the price. This is way better than the 30% more expensive Assurance All-Season has.

How the Assurance WeartherReady Tire Performs on a Dry Tarmac

If we are doing comparisons with other grand touring tires that recently appeared on the market, then we can proudly say that the Assurance WeartherReady performs better. The handling of the Assurance WeartherReady is very good and the braking distances perform quite well. You will get superior performance from this tire. The Assurance WeartherReady will not understeer easily when pushed over the limit. Just like Goodyear’s own Assurance All-Season, the braking distances of the Assurance WeartherReady are still a step ahead of the competition.

How the Assurance WeartherReady Tire Perform Over Wet and Slippery Roads

It’s on the wide wet pavement that the difference between the Assurance WeartherReady and the Assurance All-Season comes about. The Assurance WeartherReady tire is very good for both dry and wet roads. In short, when it rains, the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady gives a surefooted feeling during driving. But the tires easily slide if you open the throttle which makes the handling dangerous at times. And for this model, the braking distances are way too long.

We wouldn’t recommend this model for safety on wet roads. There are other tires you can choose from the lineup of Goodyear, that are slightly more expensive, but yet offer much better-wet traction.

How the Assurance WeartherReady Tire Performs On Snowy Roads

You will be surprised that the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady is not very bad over snow. The reason for this might be the multiple zigzag sipes that it is designed with. For the price, the traction of this model is okay. And for an all-season tire, the braking distances aren’t very long. The Assurance WeartherReady is also good for the price. It is one class-leading tire. You can always get much better snow traction and braking from this Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady tire.

Tire Sizes for the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady

16’’ of the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tires

The tires for this includes 215/70R16 100T 215/70R16 100H 235/70R16 106T

17’’ of the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tires

The tires for this size includes 225/55R17 97H, 225/65R17 102T, 225/65R17 102H 235/55R17 99H, 235/60R17 102H 235/65R17 108H, 245/65R17 107T

18’’ of the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tires

The tires for this size include 215/55R18 95H, 225/55R18 98H, 225/60R18100H, 235/50R18 97H, 235/55R18 100T, 235/55R18 100H, 235/60R18 103H, 235/60R18 107V, 235/65R18 106T, 235/65R18 106H, 245/60R18 105T, 245/60R18 105H, 255/55R18 109H, 255/65R18 111T, 265/60R18 110H

19’’ of the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tires

This size for continental CrossContact LX25 tires include, 225/55R19 99V 235/50R19 99H, 235/55R19 101H, 235/55R19 105V, 245/55R19 103H, 255/50R19 107H, 255/60R19 109H, 275/55R19 111H20

20’’ the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tires

This size starts with 235/55R20 102H, 235/55R20 102V, and 245/50R20 102H, 265/45R20 108H, 265/50R20 107T, they also include 275/45R20 110V

The Type of Vehicles That the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tire

Take note that this is not a complete list of vehicles this tire will fit on:

  • Audi brand: a3, a6, all-road
  • Chevy brand: Monte Carlo, HHR, impala, Malibu
  • Chrysler brand: pt. cruiser, Sebring
  • Dodger brand: charger, intrepid
  • Ford Corp brand: flex, mustang, thunderbird, crown victoria, focus
  • Honda brand: Accord, civic, fit
  • Hyundai brand: sonata
  • Infiniti brand: G35x, q45
  • Mazda brand: protégé 5, mazda6, mazda3
  • Mitsubishi brand: lancer
  • Nissan brand: Altima, maxima
  • Pontiac brand: grand am, grand Prix, vibe
  • Saab brand: 9-3, 9-5, 900
  • Subaru brand: legacy, Impreza
  • Suzuki brand: Reno, Aerio, Forenza
  • Toyota brand: matrix, Camry, Solara
  • VW brand: Volkswagen Jetta, gti, Passat, golf gls
  • Volvo brand: S40, S70

Is the Assurance WeartherReady Tire suitable for off-road driving?

Though Goodyear didn’t design the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady for off-road driving, it has a slightly more prominent tread pattern. This model has enough traction on slippery surfaces, but the tread on the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady tire can also get damaged easily when driven on the hardpacked surfaces with sharp rocks.

Comfort and refinement of the Assurance WeartherReady Tire

The Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady provides a ride quality that is very smooth though not the best among other grand touring tires. This is especially when your car hits a bump. Moreover, at highway speeds, the tire exhibits a lot of tread noise. This noise is heard while driving.


  • The Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady is Safe to drive on dry roads
  • The Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady also provides some traction on snow
  • This model is also very cheap to buy
  • The Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady has an excellent treadwear warranty for the price
  • Dry handling and braking for this model are way ahead of the average
  • Wet handling of the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady feels surefooted and safe


  • The Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady has very long wet braking distances
  • The tread life on this model is also very short
  • Some people who have owned this tire have reported balancing issues
  • The Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady is also Loud on the highway and not overly comfortable


Q. The Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tire Is For What Type of a Driver?

A. This Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tire is engineered for drivers of crossover and small SUV. So if you want a comfortable drive with all-season traction on the most driving surface. But they work pretty well on dry surfaces than other surfaces.

Q. In What Season Can You Use the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tire?

A. the Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tire is an all-season tire. It is built to provide a smooth ride and all-season traction. It does all this with good handling on all driving surfaces.


We hope you find our Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tire Review helpful; this model will power up your SUV or crossover. The Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady has proven to deliver a good deal of performance and it has remained consistent for some time now. This is because of excellence and success in both design and delivery. To get a conviction about its abilities and performance, we recommend this excellent Goodyear Assurance WeartherReady Tire. Protection Status