Driving around on stock ECU settings can be a drag. If you’re a car enthusiast, then you’d consider getting some mods to increase torque and horsepower. But, these modifications can come at a price (as we’ll soon see). Another option is to unlock your car or truck directly from your vehicle’s ECU. Performance programmers like the Diablosport Trinity help you untame your engine to bring out its inner beast.

That said, we’ve compiled this Diablosport Trinity 2 review to show you what this device is really capable of. But before we jump into our Diablosport Trinity reviews, let’s have a brief look at the use cases and benefits of Diablo Trinity 2 EX programmers.

Use Cases and Benefits of Diablo Trinity Tuners

  • Increased Horsepower: This is actually the main reason why people consider buying tuners. These plug and play systems bring out the beast in your engines. Car manufacturers keep performance minimal so you don’t overburden your engine. Though this is done with good intentions, it eventually limits your vehicle’s capabilities.

The Diablosport Trinity tuners tap into the potentials of your engine that haven’t been unlocked yet to give you a better driving experience. This performance enhancer tweaks your vehicle’s ECU to allow your engine to produce more horsepower.

  • Better Fuel Economy: Having engine modifications is great. But, you could end up using more gas as a result. Mods like air intake or exhaust tweaks affect your engine in a way that the stock ECU cannot handle. This could lead to some issues in the future, including excessive fuel usage.

So, tuners like the Diablosport Trinity 2 tunes your ECU to adjust for those mods and give a better driving performance. It helps you utilize the right amount of gas for the kind of performance you desire.

  • Improved Torque: The ECU dictates everything, and this includes the amount of torque released by your engine. With few tunings from a performance programmer, you’re sure to get more torque out of your engine.
  • Sharper Throttle Response: Modern cars utilise Electronic Throttle Controllers (ETCs) which dictates the sensitivity of your throttle. This device is controlled by your vehicle’s ECU which enforces stock parameters on you. But with Diablo Sport Trinity, you have more control over your ETC; improving your throttle response in the process.

Diablo Trinity Review

DiabloSport Trinity 2 EX Performance Programmer

You can tell a great product from its packaging, and Diablo doesn’t disappoint. The programmer comes in premium packaging with everything you’d expect in the box. In the box, you’ll find some manuals, connection cords, the programmer mount, and the T2 performance programmer. These details may not appeal to some persons. But if you’re like me, then you pay great attention to such tiny details.

Moving on, the Diablosport Trinity 2 platinum programmer boasts a wide 5-inch full-screen touch screen. With a simple touch of the screen, you can set the parameters for your gauges and choose important metrics you want to track. The display is fully customisable; giving you the freedom to change wallpaper, gauge themes, and other aspects of the layout.

The Diablosport Trinity 2 ex platinum gives you the best of both worlds. It comes with pre-loaded high performances tune options while also giving you the freedom to customise your vehicle as you please. You can build tunes for your car on a dyno or by using the built-in data logging features of the Trinity.

That said, let’s highlight some of the features of this programmer.


Performance Tuning: This feature comes in four options, name; Tune Vehicle, Custom Tuning, Quick Adjust, and Restore Vehicle. The ‘Tune Vehicle’ option allows you to pick from the pre-loaded high-performance options.

If you’d like to tweak things a bit, the ‘Custom Tuning’ option is available for you. Also, you can make quick changes to your parameters with the ‘Quick Adjust’ function. Or, you can switch back to your stock tuning settings with the ‘Restore Vehicle’ option.

Performance Test: The Diablosport trinity tuner allows you to track your vehicle performance after tuning. You can test performance from:

  • 0 To 60
  • 0 To 100
  • 1/4 Mile
  • 1/8 Mile

You can save the result of your tests for future references.

Gauges and Logging: The tuner displays different customisable gauges to help you track different performance metrics. You can track speed, temperature, airflow, and many others.

Diagnostics: This allows you to troubleshoot your ECU for faults.


  • Wide responsive display
  • Fully customisable layout
  • Pre-loaded high-performance options with custom tuning
  • Sleek design


  • Freezes often

DiabloSport Trinity 2 Programmer (9300)

If you live in a state that’s strict with emissions testing like California, then the Diablosport Trinty 2 EX was made just for you. This tuner still allows you to monitor important metrics like horsepower, torque, and you can load high-performance tuning options for a thrilling driving experience. However, these tweaks are all under strict compliance with emission laws.

That said, the EX Platinum gives more tuning freedom because it’s made for locations that aren’t so strict with emissions testing. The Diablo Trinity T2 Ex tuner still boasts a 5-inch capacitive touch display sleek. The design is sleek with many customisation options for your display. As you’d expect with Diable, the product comes in premium packaging with connectors, a programmer mount, and other essentials all in the box.


Performance Test: You can track your vehicle’s performance after tweaking with the Diablosport Trinity tuner. You can test performance from:

  • 0 To 60
  • 0 To 100
  • 1/4 Mile
  • 1/8 Mile

Like the platinum option; you can save the result of your tests for future references.

Gauges and Logging: The tuner has a variety of configurable gauges to help you keep track of various performance measures. You can monitor speed, temperature, airflow, and a variety of other factors.

Diagnostics: This allows you to troubleshoot your ECU for faults.


  • Easy to use
  • Compliant with emissions testing standards for 50 states
  • Pre-loaded high-performance options
  • Sleek design
  • Responsive display


  • Buggy firmware leads to freezing
  • Not CMR Custom Tuning Capable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I upgrade my Diablosport Trinity 2?

Click on the ‘Info’ button on your Diablo Trinity 2 home screen. You will find details of your current software, and you’ll be notified if updates are available. The tuner features Wi-Fi capabilities so you can connect to an available network to begin downloads.

Q2. How do I install Diablosport Trinity 2 programmer?

Firstly, locate the OBDII port on your vehicle. The connector is usually situated just beneath the dash console on the driver’s side. Then, connect the OBDII connector to the vehicle’s diagnostic port. Finally, run the HDMI cable up the driver’s side of the dashboard to connect to the programmer.

Q3. How much horsepower does a Diablosport Trinity tuner add?

On diesel applications, up to 100 HP and 250 TQ can be added; on gas applications, up to 90 HP and 90 TQ can be added.


If you’re an auto enthusiast and you’re wondering if performance programmers are worth it, here’s your answer. Yes, they’re worth it. Asides from improving horsepower and torque, they also improve fuel economy and over drivability. There are many aftermarket manufacturers out there. But the Diablo brand stands tall amongst its peers. And, the Diablosport Trinity 2 line brings you the best and latest technology which is effective and easy to use.

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