Best AAA Battery Chargers

Not so longer AA batteries were the most common battery size on the market. Massive improvements in microprocessors’ energy efficiency have seen the smaller AAA become more relevant for use in everyday electronics.

If you have a portable electronic device on your right now, more likely than not it’s powered by a AAA battery. Remote controls, alarm clocks, and some of the world’s best digital cameras all use AAA batteries.

Since you are going to be using AAA batteries in devices you most likely use regularly and throughout the lifespan of your toy we recommend you use rechargeable batteries. Imagine all the number of one-use batteries that you are going to throw away before you pack that camera. They will be a lot.

Why you should use AAA rechargeable battery chargers?

They’re Cheaper for you. It doesn’t make sense to spend more when you can save much more money by picking a better option. Single-use batteries are more expensive in the long run. Yes, a rechargeable battery is more expensive to buy at the start but cheaper in the end for you.

The environment should be on everyone’s mind right now. The environmental impact of ordinary batteries is staggering. Battery waste is highly toxic to the environment. Using rechargeable batteries will minimize the level of waste products. A rechargeable battery can be used many times before you need to replace it.

They are very handy for use in most electronic devices. Almost everyone has a device in the house that uses AAA batteries. From your music player to remote control and digital camera these batteries power your fun time.

Most AAA chargers are compatible with many battery brands and types. You can charge your energizer, Panasonic, Duracell, and almost all brands. You must be also able to charge your AA and 9V batteries too with the same charger.

If you like outdoor and camping having rechargeable power will save you a lot of money and keep all your outdoor gear powered up. Most outdoor gear such as flashlights, cameras, and so on need dry batteries, and using a rechargeable option is just better for you and the earth.

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The two main types of AAA Battery Chargers

Simple chargers

Sometimes the word simple can be a mistake for less. Simple charges still come with excellent features such as overcharge protection. Their simplicity is most apparent in their display. Using only LED lights to indicate when a charge is competed either by turning green from red or turning off from being red when the battery was flat.

Microprocessor controlled chargers

Microprocessors allow for a better LCD display. The display indicates the health status of each individual cell at a time either measured by bars or percentage. The most important feature in this class of charges is the discharge or cycle refresh feature. This feature allows you to reset your battery memory and by doing significantly increasing your lifespan.

What Factors to Consider When Getting a Battery Charger

Wall outlet or USB power source

You need to think carefully about how you will power your device. Most chargers are plug into a wall outlet for a high voltage power source. These are cheaper than those that offer USB adapters so that you can charge your batteries on the go. However, the AC power source is always much faster and is the one I recommend using if you have time. And even when you so busy most chargers have overcharge protection to shut down the charger when your batteries are full. A charger that allows you to charge both at home and in your car is better.

Channels, what you call charging slots

Each of us has our own set of toys. Depending on the many batteries you need to power your device, having enough ports or battery slots will reduce your total charging time altogether. You can charge batteries for your music player, console, and digital camera all at once as you plan for a trip away from home.

Electrical and thermal malfunction protection

Batter explosions have shown the need to have safeguard technology in battery chargers. You need a charger that will automatically cut of charging when you leave your cells in the charger because you fell asleep. A good charger will have protection against overcharge, overheating, short circuits, and power surges.


Portability has to deal with size and power source when it comes to battery chargers. A traveler will need a smaller more compact battery that won’t take up much space in your luggage. If it has both a wall outlet and USB car adapter even better so that you can charge your cells on the go. You may also use your laptop USB port as a power source but it will be slower to charge and may not reach full charge.

Best AAA Battery Chargers of 2021 Reviewed

1. Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery Charger (Recharge Value) with 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery Charger (Recharge Value) with 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Energizer founded in the USA is a top global battery brand. Usually, most chargers are suited to more than one battery size. This charger provides an easy way for you to keep both your AA and AAA rechargeable batteries fully powered and always ready to go. The charger is also referred to as recharge value because it adds value to your life through saving and convenience.

You need to connect this charger to your standard AC outlet and if it’s your first time using one of these types of chargers you may find it helpful if you read the user manual on all charging-related issues.

Recharge Value from energizer can charge either 2 or 4 AA and AAA batteries at the same time. This saves you a lot of time if you have to charge multiple batteries with the same charger.

Most devices are powered by more than one battery so having an option to charge them all at once is a fantastic choice.

If you dozing off or are so busy to wait for a complete charge, the recharge value charger has an automatic safety feature that stops charging your batteries once there are fully charged.

Remember dry batteries can be damaged by overcharging. So this feature is both a lifesaver and convenient for you.

Energizer has given the recharge value charger an easy to understand battery status indicator. By a quick look at the indicator, you can tell when your battery is fully charged or when it’s dead and won’t charge.

And here are some tips when you are using this charger. First, you need to make sure that the AC outlet is suitable for the charger. If you are not able to insert directly you may need to use an adapter, especially if you like going overseas. When placing your battery in the charger you need to ensure that polarity instructions match with your insertion. These charges are also mean to be placed either in a vertical or horizontal position. Even though this charger can charge many brands of AA and AAA batteries, it is best suited for energizer NiMH batteries.

As closure, I love the fact that energizer has a very reachable and friendly customer service available for you round the clock with any help you may need with their products.


  • Charging time 5-11 Hours AA; 5-11 Hours for AAA
  • Saves money by reusing batteries


  • We didn’t find anything that particularly bothered us.

2. Tenergy TN438 16 Bay Battery Charger for AAA and AA Rechargeable Batteries, AA/AAA NiMH/NiCd Rechargeable Batteries Charger with AC Wall Adapter and Car Adapter

Tenergy TN438 16 Bay Battery Charger for AAA and AA Rechargeable Batteries

The Tenergy charger is both a AA and AAA rechargeable battery charger. It is a smart charger that is built for ultimate charge capability. It has a stunning 16 channels that you can use to charge many combinations of AA and AAA as you may like. Everyone in the house can have their batteries charging at once, saving you the hustle of having multiple battery chargers in the house. This is a mega family saver cost-wise.

It can work for all brands and both NIMH and NCID rechargeable batteries. And pretty much all top brands make either of the two types so you are good to go with the Tenergy TN438.

Charging so many batteries at a time and keeping track of the status of each can be a daunting task. Tenergy TN438 is made with a super large and easy to read LCD panel that allows you to easily keep track of the charging and battery status of each cell.

Life is too busy to constantly concern yourself with the status of your battery. Smart technology features of the Tenergy charger automatically keep a continuous check to prevent overcharging and other electrical malfunctions. The smart charger automatically cuts power to an individual charger that is fully charged.

One way or the other you may forget to disconnect the charger and if not for this overcharge protection your batteries would overheat and even explode. Am sure we have all heard of the dangerously battery accidents once in a while on the news. Well, that’s one of the ways a battery may explode.

Batteries have what we call a memory cycle and this greatly affects the lifespan of your battery. This charger can refresh cycle each cell so that you can prolong the lifespan of your batteries. it is very important that you periodically refresh the cycle of your batteries because it not only increases the lifespan but also boosts performance.

These are extremely portable and versatile. The AC adapter included is a world over compatible 100 to 240 V rating. It is an excellent choice for travelers and can also be used as a car charger so it’s one of the most universal chargers around.


  • The ultimate universal charger
  • Portable for home and car use
  • Charges a lot of batteries at a time


  • A bit bulky but worth it for family

3. Panasonic K-KJ17MCA4BA Advanced Individual Cell Battery Charger Pack with 4 AA eneloop 2100 Cycle Rechargeable Batteries

Panasonic K-KJ17MCA4BA Advanced Individual Cell Battery Charger Pack

Panasonic a Japanese powerful house is one of the most trusted brands in electronics. Its battery chargers are among the most reliable.

Panasonic K-KJ17MCA4BA charger comes loaded with a whopping 4 free batteries so that you are ready to go on your first day. The batteries included are Eneloop and are based on an LSD Ni-MH type of chemistry and offer you a long 2100 recharge cycle. They can also keep up to 70% of their charge when not in use for as long as 10 years. The cells are of the 2000mAh type and come recharged for instant use.

The charger itself has four positions for inserting your cells in both AA and AAA sizes. It has an automatic green alert LED that lets you know when your battery is fully charged. When it is flat and needs more charging the LED below the negative terminal will be RED.

You may not always be around and a battery explosion is a significant risk of injuries which may be sometimes fatal. There is a need for every modern battery charger to have overcharge protection features. This Panasonic charger is built with a reliable battery detection technology that detects the charging level of each cell and shuts off power when it’s fully charged.

One point to note about this charger is that it does not show the battery charge level as a percentage but only shows whether it is fully charged or not. So the light from the LED will be red when is not fully charged and green when the charging is incomplete.

The charger uses advanced individual cell charging technology so that each of the four individual cells is monitored and charged independently of the others.

This charger is excellent to use for rechargeable batteries powering your remote control, digital camera, computer accessories, and many other home devices.


  • Come with free rechargeable batteries
  • Charges both AA and AAA batteries


  • Does show charge percentage of individual cell

4. BONAI LCD Universal Battery Charger for AA, AAA, C, D, 9V Ni-MH Ni-CD Rechargeable Batteries with Discharge Function

BONAI LCD Universal Battery Charger for AA, AAA, C, D, 9V

Bonai makes some of the most sophisticated chargers on the market. The Bonai LCD universal charger can charge most of the household and portable devices standard batteries. As long as the cells are 1.2 V and 1.5 V it will charge up to four AA, AAA, C, and D rechargeable Ni-MH/Ni-CD batteries at the same time yet each cell charging independently. For rechargeable 9V batteries, you can only charge two at a time.

Depending on your battery type you have either the LCD Display or LED light to monitor the charging status. If you have AA, AAA, C, or D rechargeable cells put in the ports then you use the LCD Display to monitor the status of your charge. If on the other hand, you have two or one 9V battery charging then you have to use the LED light at the bottom to monitor. The LED light will go off when the cell(s) fully charge. Overcharging protection is a deal-breaker for all modern chargers.

We know you don’t want to be wasting time. The Bonai charger has super-rapid charging time that allows to fully charge any AA, AAA, C, and D batteries in no more than 5 hours. That is much faster than most chargers out there.9 V batteries will have a higher charge capacity and need more up to 12 hours to fully charge.

It’s a smart charger that allows you to refresh battery cycles with total discharge features. When the discharge button is pressed it will begin discharging your battery is turned off charging mode automatically. Once the discharge is complete you will get an alert and the charging mode will be switch on so that you can recharge the battery again. Doing this once in a while prolongs the life of the cells.

Battery explosions can be fatal. This charger is built with impressive overheating or over-temperature protection features. Before a battery explodes its first has to heat up so having heat sensors is the first step in battery explosion protection too. When the temperature reaches 60℃ the charger automatically shuts down. As you may be doing other things while charging your batteries, there is no need to keep a constant check. With the overheating protection feature this feature you have your family covered.


  • It’s very affordable
  • It’s able to charge your batteries faster
  • Has a battery overcharge protection that prevents overcharging when it reaches a certain temperature.


  • Charges only 1.2V not 1.5V cell

5. Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (8-Pack) and Ni-MH AA & AAA Battery Charger With USB Port Set

Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (8-Pack)

Amazon basics offer you the chance to top quality products are affordable prices. This pack comes with a bonus 8 pack AA rechargeable batteries included. This charger also has a USB port that you can use to charge your phone and other devices.

This amazon basics charger is not basic at all and comes equipped with some amazing smart features. It takes just 4 hours to charge Ni-HH batteries. And it can recharge either 2 or 4 AA and AAA Ni-MH batteries at a time. It is common to make a mistake and place the cell in the wrong polarity position which may just damage the charger especially if left for a long time. The amazon basics charger has a superb wrong polarity protection feature to protect it all the time.

When your battery is fully charged, this charger will automatically cut out the power so don’t have to worry about overcharging damaging your cells or charger.

No matter the power output in your country this charger will most likely suit it. Its built-in smart power switching technology can work with all outputs from 100 to 240 V AC.

The free 8 batteries included are high capacity with a charge capacity of 2400mAh, enough to power most household and portable electronics. The cells come recharged so ready to go right away.

Even after many recharge cycles, it still maintains excellent performance.

And when their lifespans inevitably expire and the cells can no longer contain charge you should find a recycling center near you by going to We talk more about recycling centers and responsible environmental consumer behavior below.

Closing on this charger, you need to make sure that when you are charging just two batteries and the other slots are free you must put the two cells side by side with no empty slot in-between. You can do this on both the right and left sides of the charging terminals.

For travelers, this charger has a super slime retractable AC plug that perfectly fits in your language.


  • Comes with 8 free batteries
  • Slime and portable


  • Only charges a maximum of 4 cells at a time

Quick Wrap Up

Using rechargeable batteries is the most effective way to save your money and environment.

Our list has some of the best performing chargers in the market. No matter your situation you should be able to do just fine with our recommended chargers. We only picked chargers from trusted brands that not only save you money but do good to the environment.


How do I know when the batteries fully charge?

Depending on your charger your display will either LCD or LED and sometimes both. In most smart chargers each cell is monitored individually and has an individual display section or LED below it. Each charger is different. Some have a red LED light when the battery is not fully charged and this light goes off when the charge is complete. Others have a digital battery level indicator that shows the full bar when the charge is done and may have a green LED that turns on to indicate a full charge.

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You need to read your user manual to get a good understanding of the operational procedures.

How long do I have to wait for a complete charge?

Is not a straightforward answer question. The best I can say is that it depends on your battery capacity and charge rate. The smaller your charge rate the longer it takes to reach a full charge. And the higher your battery capacity the more time you need to charge it. On average a super-fast charger will take 4 hours to fully charge AA and AAA batteries. The larger battery types like the 6 and 9 V need as much as 10 to 12 hours to get a full charge. With experience, you will see how long your batteries take to charge in your circumstances.

Can I charge all types of batteries with my charger?

This is something you have to pay very close attention to. Most chargers are limited in the types of batteries they can charge. The chemistry of each battery type is very unique and the type and duration of charge can either prolong your battery life or kill it. Using rechargeable batteries is best used with chargers from the same brand if you a newbie. But if you have a universal type then make sure it’s designed to charge that type. Sometimes you will find that your charge only charges Ni-MH batteries but will destroy lithium ion-based cells. Your manual will tell you right away the type of batteries compatible.

What is a battery recycling location and how do I find one?

We strongly advocate for the recycling go dead batteries that can no longer hold a charge. We are facing unprecedented levels of environmental challenges that seem to threaten our very existence. The earth is facing pollution multiple chemical assaults both in the air and on the ground and under. How we dispose of our waste is critical. Now that we have so much information and there steps we can take to minimize and perhaps begin to restore our planet everyone needs to act. You can join this movement by taking time to dispose of the dead cell that can loner be charge at a recycling location near you. If you have not heard about recycling locations you can try an locate one near you using this link: Protection Status