5 Best Car AGM Batteries

AGM batteries were invented to deal with the sulfation problem that reduced the charge of standard batteries when they weren’t charged every six months. And because the electrolyte is separated by a dry mat it also stops the spillage problem common in standard batteries.

The car AGM battery was first invented in the 1980s. This technology was accompanied by power banks that were filled with sealed lead acid. The sealed lead acid is absorbed by the fiberglass installed in between the plates. These plates are easy to install. They can be installed either in a flat or cylindrical position. The car AGM battery has also been designed for high conductivity. This conductivity in the battery is secured through minimized internal resistance. It also doesn’t develop sulfation on the plates. This is because the plates have been designed to resist corrosion. All AGM batteries are fitted with permanent fillers. This means that they are maintenance-free. So there is no need to worry about the car battery fluid leaking. A car AGM battery also takes charging so fast. On the other hand, their charged up capacity can be drained by 80 percent.

The fluids inside the battery are kept in place by permanent fillers for security against any spillage or leakage. Unlike conventional batteries, the acid would not spill in an AGM type of battery. This feature will prolong the life of the battery and also save the surrounding area from danger. The signature of AGM batteries is that the posts of the AGM battery don’t get sulfated. This also prevents the AGM battery and other parts of the car from corrosion.

This structure provides an AGM car battery steady performance in any position and condition. Even if the battery was turned upside down it would still work. Unlike the conventional and gel cell batteries, it also ensures that there is less fluid evaporation in hot temperature. This process is sometimes referred to as maintenance-free mode. This is because it justifies how superior an AGM battery is in comparison to the conventional and a gel cell battery.

An AGM car battery has been innovatively designed to produce a high voltage in comparison to gel or conventional batteries. It also has a very quickly recharging rate.

On the downside, the repeated charging and discharging of your AGM battery will reduce its lifespan. You will be required to buy another car’s AGM battery once or twice in the lifetime of your car. Another downside reason that shortens the lifetime of the battery is wearing out. This is due to exposure to heat.

Tips on how to get the best AGM battery for your car.

Here are some of the things you should be on the lookout for when getting an AGM battery.

You must be attentive

You are required to be attentive to your battery’s need for maintenance. If you monitor your battery life closing, you will know when to replace it.

You MUST test your batteries every year.

Routine maintenance of the battery is cardinal. You are required to be inspecting your battery at least once every year. This should be part of your job as a car owner. Again before taking long road trips, it is very important to check on the battery. Otherwise, you will be left stranded on the road.

According to AAA, Car AGM batteries last from 3 to 5 years. And in the northern regions of the United States of America, its spanning range is from 58 months or more. But for most of the southern regions, it is more by 41 months.

Even though all of today’s car AGM batteries are maintenance-free, you are required to be taking your car battery to the mechanic for a checkup. You can do this once in its first two years if you live in a warmer environment, But once in the first four years of your battery if you live in a colder environment. The reason for this is to determine how long the battery holds the voltage while you are using it. The battery checkup results are what will determine when to start thinking of battery replacements.

The lifetime of a battery is a very strong indicator that it’s time to starting for looking for a replacement. It’s on a sticker fixed on top or on the side of the battery that the manufacturing date is indicated. An AGM battery manufactured in November 2019 has a numeric code of 11-9. When using alphanumeric codes, January is represented by the letter A, and February by B. And it’s only the letter i that is skipped when indicating letters for months.

The battery size must fit the needs of your Car

There are many sizes of Car batteries. And out of all the tested ones, top performers significantly vary from years to sizes. So it’s very difficult to recommend any brand or model. This means that you must not make any assumption, that buying the same battery to replace an older one will yield the same results. Be sure you buy a battery of the right size. And the terminals must be located rightly for your car. Be sure to check the manual or an in-store fitting guide before making any purchase.

In most cases, some car owners tend to replace a car AGM battery with a conventional one to boost high performance and longevity in a hot environment.

Make Sure It’s a new car AGM Battery

overtime Batteries get to lose strength, even when they are just being stored. To increase the chances of high performance, make sure you buy a battery that hasn’t stayed longer than three months. Six months to its utmost. Many of them have stickers showing the manufacturing date on the shipping code. They either use a numeric date or numbers to represent a year or letters for the months.

Be sure to recycle the Battery you are replacing.

The lead and acid in a battery are toxic. But they can easily be recycled. Some retailers will even go the extra mile to dispose of an old battery for you. These retailers will charge you a refundable amount when buying a new battery for this service. The money is only refundable when you return a battery that has died down.

Be sure to Compare Warrants for all batteries.

The best battery you can ever buy is the one that has the longest free-replacement time frame. You can measure a warranty for a battery with two figures. The first one is the free-replacement time frame and the other one is a prorated time frame. The second figure only allows partial reimbursement. For example, a battery with a code 12/42 means that it has a free-replacement time frame of 12 months and a prorated period of 42 months. But once you’re in the prorated timeframe, the amount you’ll be reimbursed drops off very fast.

But you should keep in mind the signs indicating improper installation. You must pay attention to the low levels of distilled water. Otherwise, all of this can make a warranty void.

How do I get the right fit?

Like we have already stated, AGM batteries come in different sizes. Therefore, it’s very important to go for the one that provides sufficient power and can be fitted securely. The cables of your car might not reach if the terminals of the AGM battery are in the wrong place. In this way, they might not be fitted securely. So you should make sure to check the manual of the car or a fitting guide from the store you are purchasing from. Many retailers don’t charge anything to install a battery.

Top terminal Size 24/24F

This size of top terminals fits a lot of Japanese-made cars which includes the Acura brand, Honda brand, Nissan, and Toyota brand of cars.

Dual terminal Size 34/78

The dual terminal fits many large cars. GM pickups manufactured between 1996 and 2000 are a good example.

Top terminal Size 35

The top terminal size 35 also fits a lot of Japanese-made brands; these include the latest Nissan brand, Honda brand, Subaru, and Toyota brand of cars.

Top terminal Size 47 (H5)

The top terminal size 47 fits many German-made brands like the Volkswagen models.

Top terminal Size 48 (H6)

The top terminal size 48 fits both the European and American made cars like the Audi brand, BMW brand, Cadillac, and GMC brand of cars.

Top terminal Size 49 (H8)

This size fits both the European and the Asian branded vehicles like Audi brand, BMW brand, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz brand of vehicles.

Top terminal Size 51R

This size also mostly fits many Japanese branded cars like Honda and Nissan cars.

Top terminal Size 65

This top terminal size 65 fits large vehicles from car brands like Ford.

Side terminal Size 75

This size mostly fits compact and midsized cars from companies like General Motors and Chrysler vehicles.

How to evaluate a car AGM battery

Determine the CCA (Cold-cranking amps)

You use CCA to measure how good an AGM battery can start an engine in an unfriendly and cold environment. You are required to use a freezer to simulate cold weather. By this process, the batteries are to be cooled off to 0° F and then observe the rate at which the batteries are performing. You are advised to do your own CCA test. This should be based on the charging voltages and demands of amperage which becomes realistic if it’s been tested by yourself.

The Reserve capacity of the battery

This shows how long the battery can hold itself when powering the failed charging system of the car. The charging system comprises the rotor, stator, and alternator. This also measures the time it takes to start a car without jump-starting even when you accidentally left the headlights on. 10.5 volts is the full discharging rate. Therefore, scientists discharge the battery to this rate so that they can test the reserve capacity. They first charge the battery fully and allow it to be discharged down to 10.5 volts level. They then see if the car won’t start without a jump-start.

The lifespan of the Battery

The lifespan of a battery is determined by continuously discharging and recharging about 3,000 times. When recharging and discharging, the test temperature should be in the range of 167° F. and this has to continue for 15 weeks straight. The result will be known when the performance drops to a level that is not acceptable. We use this to determine the hot conditions a battery can handle when it’s heating up. Frequent high temperatures increase plate corrosion. This causes the battery acid to vaporize so quickly. An AGM battery gets to have a long life if you are not taking a lot of long trips. This is because the battery will not be having a lot of recharging time which reduces its lifespan. The battery will be more reliable when its recharging scores are low.

Best AGM Car Batteries

1. Odyssey 31-PC2150S

Odyssey 31-PC2150S

This is one of the best high-end power supplies for a car. It is equipped with a considerable CCA factor that is as high as 1150. This makes it full weather and an extreme temperature-resistant battery. It can also hold the charge while simultaneously cranking the motor. This cranking power can hold 113F of heat and 40F of cold without being affected by either rain or snow. It has a discharge rate that is 70 times slower than the cycle power banks of conventional lead-acid batteries.

It is equipped with permanent fillers. This sealed enclosure and the absorbed glass mat stuff makes sure that the leakage and spilling of battery fluids are minimized. Even though this AGM battery is sturdy and heavy, it is not very large. This feature makes the battery to fit well even in tight battery spaces.

The Odyssey 31-PC2150S battery is one of the best deep cycle battery types of an AGM. This is because it can supply energy at full capacity without sacrificing its operational quality. On the negative side, this type of AGM battery is expensive due to its high-quality features and long-lasting. It cost many times more than conventional batteries.


  • Able to charge quickly at full capacity within six hours from the bottom level.
  • Has Steady voltage
  • The Vibration is zero,
  • At 80 percent drain, it’s able to attain 400 recharging cycles, protecting it from shock.
  • Easy to carry and install due to slim but quality handle.


  • The battery capacity decreases when you plug in an incorrect charger.
  • Small cars might not be compatible with this type of AGM battery.

2. The Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah

The Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah

The Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah is a Deep Cycle type of AGM Battery that is a solid choice to buy. It is one of the best AGM batteries to buy for both solar or in an application of wind power generation. It is twice as durable as most of the conventional options on the market.

Due to its CCA, it can hold its ground in both low and high temperatures without giving you any trouble. As a result, it will work perfectly fine for you if you are looking for a battery that can handle weather conditions that are extreme and unfriendly.

It has an intriguing resistance to vibration feature as well. It can incredibly withstand vibrations 20 times more than a conventional model, which is quite impressive. This AGM battery can deal with bumpy terrain when you are traveling on a long road trip.

This model has an impressive versatility feature as well. This versatility feature comes from the design of AGM 12V technology. This product is compatible with different types and sizes of vehicles. These cars include RV models, motorhomes models even boats and caravans. This AGM battery performs all these functions without reducing performance and its energy output.

You will be thrilled to see the satisfaction that comes with an easy installation process for this model. You don’t have to be a mechanical genius to be able to install this model of AGM battery in your cars.

On a positive note, this product comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. This gives you an advantage on the battery insurance part in case it gets damaged. There have been reports that the Universal Power Group doesn’t just use this policy as a selling point but rather they honor it. Some suppliers are not that reliable.


  • Solid grids
  • High-density of anti-spill design.
  • Zero vibration.
  • Doesn’t lose its capacity when it’s fit as both a permanent and occasional battery.
  • Quickly charges a flat battery at a faster rate.


  • The battery capacity and faster-discharging feature decrease when you work at the constant considerable load.
  • The battery is not fitted with a handle for lifting and carrying.

3. Windy Nation 100AH 12 V

Windy Nation 100AH 12 V

The Windy Nation’s 2pcs 100AH 12 Volt AGM needs to be considered if you are looking for more than just one AGM battery, it is designed as a Deep Cycle and Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery. This feature is equipped with two 100AH 12V AGM batteries that are capable of working in two off grids.

To be honest, these products are top tiers for the best rated AGM battery on the market. This is because they function pretty well for off-road purposes. They have multiple functionalities, which include working in solar systems, RVs, and they are also used in offshore marine power generation. They perform all these works and many more applications that are off-grid.

The Windy Nation’s 2pcs 100AH 12 Volt can also handle whatever situation that comes their way. This versatility is a design on heavy-duty products. The durable plates are designed for deep and repetitive discharge. They are rugged to make them durable.

Consistent in their performance is an expected result from these batteries. And it’s because of this design that they last long. You will not replace them anytime soon because they have a life expectancy of ten to twelve years.

You will be thrilled to know that pure lead is equipped in these products. This material allows a further increase in their longevity. The rate of discharge is also very low. This function adds value to their lifespan. Once you purchase these products, you are guaranteed a reliable energy supply for a long period.

The WindyNation Company also offers a one-year warranty. It’s to every customer’s advantage to have some insurance when something bad happens to your AGM battery. After all, these products will cost you a lot of money and you will end up losing the money if it malfunctions after purchase.


  • The battery posts are rust- and sulfate-free because they are made of stainless steel
  • The AGM battery capacity produces enough energy that can power up the boat motor and many other electronics.
  • Easy to fit and Compact size provides enough space for the battery in many types of equipment like boats.


  • The battery discharges at a faster rate upon several deep cycles of full-load.
  • They are also sensitive to charger specifications. the incompatible charger cannot work on the battery

4. The Vmaxtanks Solar AGM 12V 125Ah

The Vmaxtanks Solar AGM 12V 125Ah

The Vmaxtanks Solar’s AGM 12V 125Ah is one of the best purchase decisions you will make if you own an RV. This is a Rechargeable Deep Cycle type of AGM Battery. Any mobile home application can easily be powered by this AGM battery.

When it comes to storing energy, this is also one of the most reliable sources. This energy is generated from solar panels, which is perfect for any functions that require a renewable source of energy.

It is designed with alloys and tough top-tier parts. This makes the product’s design one of the best for reliability. These features make them, capable of lasting for a longer time. And these are only further reflected within its lifecycle of ten years.

They are maintenance-free operational so you will appreciate this battery. The use of this AGM battery is much easier. You can expect no problem with this model for many years.

Like many AGM batteries, this battery is vibration and shock-resistant. This ability offers no issues when should using it inside campers, trailers, and other cars. When it comes to the versatility it’s genuinely one of the ten best batteries available on the market.

The sealed lead acid design isn’t anything to ignore, either. This function ensures that the AGM battery doesn’t spill fluids, in whatever position its set. Because of this, the battery has a pass for air, maritime, and road transportation.

It can energize different motors such as the Sevylor and the Newport. It is designed with trolling motors for heavy-duty work. And during the whole battery life, doesn’t require any maintenance. This AGM battery can reach even the time frame of ten years when set in floating mode.

A thick alloy of lead-tin that covers the strongly built grids makes the battery reliable. This makes sure that the current conductivity is perfect. And also fastens the charging rate. The acid is kept in the absorbed glass mat that is porous by structure. The acid is then transferred back to the battery posts when working. When the outer coat wrecks, it still doesn’t result in any spilling of battery fluids.

5. XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 80Ah

XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 80Ah

The versatility of the XS Power’s D3400 XS Series 12V 80Ah AGM is a stellar choice for a High Output Battery for many buyers. After all, it’s a practical move to change the car batteries for different cars. By this, you will solve many electric problems associated with RVs or boats.

The 3300 maximum amp and 80 amp-hours of the rating of a battery are what makes it versatile. You can use it in many scenarios. You will be pleased to observe that it can be mounted in multiple ways without any problems.

For example, it can be mounted under the passenger seat or within a glove box. It is made with permanent fillers, so it’s spill-proof. This design makes sure that no leakage occurs. No corrosion or damage to your car’s paint will come to your car with this feature.

When this battery gets damaged, this spill-free design will still stay without changing. The permanent fillers make sure that nothing happens to the car while you are installing this battery. It is further equipped with an ABS plastic case that protects you from the danger of spilling.

Due to its high and impressive 1150 cranking amps, you can use this battery for a starter. As a result, you shouldn’t have a problem starting a car in cold and unfriendly weather conditions.


  • The battery produces a good current supply
  • Cranking is instant of the motor even after not being in use for a long period.
  • The battery plates are full-frame which protects the power bank.
  • Flexible and durable handles that enable weight distribution comfortably.


  • The battery is very big
  • It barely fits in a small-to-middle battery place.
  • One way of placing a battery due to a limited area around the battery posts.


One is the best to Choose between AGM and Lead Acid battery?

A. Lead-acid is an AGM type of battery. However, it is not the same as the conventional lead-acid type:

  • Its Safety features. Only a Small risk of emitting gas or acid spilling.
  • Maintenance-free. Sulfation or degrading is absent for flooded batteries, no adding distilled water.
  • Power generation. Charging is faster with the constant voltage.
  • Life. The conductivity is perfected when it’s kept out of operation longer.
  • Deep cycle. They can be charged multiple times.

What’s the lifespan of AGM Batteries?

The AGM battery is provided with a longer life cycle by the enhanced chemical structure. Without any problems, they are supposed to serve for 3 to 5 years. The heavy-duty type of batteries when properly maintained can even reach 8 and even 10 years. The following factors are damage the battery:

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Bad conditions of weather, Even though AGM batteries work well in heat or cold, the capacity can be damaged.

Discharge to bottom-level. If the battery is getting flat completely, it loses its efficiency.

Charging incorrectly, overcharging the battery with a charger that is not compatible will destroy the battery.

Which is a better battery between the AGM and Gel cell?

The AGM can tell a specific chemical structure filled with the acid. The Gel cell reserves the acid in silica. Both batteries are spill-proof, resist vibration, self-discharging is low, and they both get discharged up to 60 percent capacity. But the major difference they have includes:

  • Operation. The AGM ones are better at cranking. But The Gel can handle the floating charge more efficiently.
  • Conditions of Weather. Gel batteries are a little less subjective to unfriendly temperatures.
  • Size of capacity. The AGM batteries are smaller in size but they have the same capacity as the gel cell.
  • Cost. AGM batteries are cheaper than gel cell ones.


The AGM batteries are advanced forms of batteries from the conventional ones. Therefore we recommend you upgrade your car battery from a conventional one to the AGM. For they are equipped with features that make your driving experience easier, They have cranking power that can start your engine in both warm or cold weather without reducing high car performance. They are also equipped with permanent fillers that prevent acid from spilling.

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