Volvo XC40 Wants To Help With The Boring Stuff

Autonomous driving might really be what the future is all about as more and more automakers work to come out with an autonomous tech of their own.

Volvo announces that they too are working on an autonomous tech system for their upcoming models but unlike the other autopilot systems we have seen so far, Volvo’s system will only take over when it starts getting boring.

According to the CEO of Volvo, Hakan Samuelsson, they are not looking to build a system that will take the driver from point a to point b but is looking to come out with a system that will take over when it is no longer fun to drive like in a traffic jam. They added that they think their drivers can do something more production during at time.

When it is not boring, Volvo wants their driver to enjoy the drive on their own. We do not know when Volvo plans to offer the new system but some believe we might see it come with the upcoming Volvo XC40.

Steven Estevez

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