Volkswagen Sings New Tune, FCA Not Listening Anymore

When FCA’s Sergio Marchionne jokingly said that he was going to call up Volkswagen’s CEO to talk about a Volkswagen FCA merger, Volkswagen quickly stepped out to make it clear that they are not looking for a merger but since then, Volkswagen seems to have changed their mind and they are now singing a different tune but FCA is no longer listening.

Reuters reported that Matthias Mueller, CEO of Volkswagen revealed in a press conference that he is not going to rule out a conversation with FCA and added that he would preferred it if Marchionne had come to him personally instead of talking to the media first.

Well, now that Volkswagen seems to be interested once more, are we going to see a Volkswagen and FCA partnership soon? Not really. After the statement, FCA’s Marchionne responded by saying he is not interested and that he will not be calling Matthias.

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