Upcoming Tesla Model Y Could Say No To Model X

One of the most distinctive features of the Tesla Model X was the set if Falcon Doors that the Tesla Model X came with. Soon after that, Elon Musk hinted on Twitter than the upcoming Tesla Model Y will also be coming with the same Falcon Wings doors but the issues with the doors might lead to the Model Y saying no to the wings.

It seems like Tesla Model X drivers are having a lot of issues with the falcon wing doors and because of that, the Tesla Model Y might not be coming with a falcon wings door after all.

While it is sad to see the amazing doors being cut from the Tesla Model Y, it is believed that removing the doors will bring more good than bad to the Tesla Model Y. First thing first, without the door, the Tesla Model Y could come with a cheaper price tag.

We still do not know when the Tesla Model Y will be arriving but it is said that production will begin next year.

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