Toyota Tacoma Could Share Its Badge With Camry

People take notice when you say that you own a TRD and it looks like Toyota realize that the Toyota Tacoma is not the only model that could benefit from the badge. New reports are now suggesting that models like the Toyota Camry and the Toyota RAV4 might also be getting the TRD nametag in the future.

According to Toyota Division General Manager Bill Fay, other Toyota models are also being considered for the TRD badge. He added that he TRD already had an impact on the racing Camry.

Fay thinks that TRD will help make some of their models be more appealing to the younger generation as prove by the Tacoma TRD Pro, Tundra TRD Pro, and 4Runner TRD Pro.

Of course, he did not confirm anything or reveal any new details but the fact that they might be considering it is enough to get us excited about Toyota’s future.

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