Toyota Hilux Makes Up For Failing

It was a huge blow to the Toyota Hilux fans when it was announced that the Toyota Hilux failed to pass the moose test conducted by Teknikens Värld a Swedish publication.

In the test, the Toyota Hilux almost flipped over when it was traveling below 37mph. Their rivals did not have any issue with the test so it was looking bad for Hilux.

To make up for it, Toyota got their team together to come out with a solution and according to Teknikens Värld, the issue has since been fixed by Toyota. What they did was update the algorithm of the electronic stability control so that the system can keep the truck on all fours at all times.

Teknikens Värld will be retesting some of the models to make sure the issue has been fixed. This is not the first time the Hilux failed the test but at least Toyota did something about it.

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