Titanfall 2 Doesn’t Deserve The Cold Shoulder

Titanfall got a lot of attention when it was first released but people got tired of it real fast. To make sure the same thing does not happen this time, Titanfall developers made sure the sequel, Titanfall 2 had all the key elements to bring back the fans as well as retain them for a longer time.

That include a great campaign, an impressive multiplayer mode as well as free DLC in the future. Unlike the other AAA games out there, the developers announce that future new maps, modes, as well as multiplayer content, will be offered for free.

Overall, the Titanfall 2 have already been getting some positive feedback from reviewer but all of that is not showing in their sales. New reports have already reported that the sales of Titanfall 2 would be disappointing and that it isn’t really selling that well around the world.

Some people think that the developers decision to release it with the Call of Duty and Battlefield 1 were the cause of the slow sales number.

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