The Latest PlayStation 4 Numbers Really Add Up!

Despite the lack of exclusive games and the disappointment some people had of the new Playstation 4 Pro, Sony’ Playstation 4 is still doing better than ever and Sony has the numbers to back it up.

At the Taipei Games Show, Sony’s Interactive Entertainment Asia GM Hiroyuki Oda reveal that they’ve already sold about 53.4million units of the PlayStation 4 worldwide. He followed that up by adding that they have sold more than 400million game software as well.

That did come as a surprise since the numbers were no inclusive of the free PlayStation Plus games. It does not feel like a lot of people would but their game software but it looks like we were wrong.

He ended the speech by apologising to the fans for the Playstation 4 Pro and PlayStation VR shortages. Despite being around for a few years now, it looks like the PlayStation 4 Pro is still going strong.

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