Tesla Model X Hitting An All Time Low

It is normal to see Tesla rearranging their offering from time to time. Not too long ago, Tesla took out the Tesla Model X 70D from their line up making the 75D is the base model for the Tesla Model X and now it looks like they will be offering a new base model.

The newly announce Tesla Model X 60D will be coming in to sit below the Tesla Model X 75D. According to Tesla, the shortest range Tesla Model X will be offering bout 200miles of electric range when it arrives. The current base, the 75D offers about 237miles of electric range.

Not only will it come with a shorter range but it will also come with a slightly smaller price tag. The Tesla Model X 60D will retail for $74,000 when it arrives. The Tesla Model X 75D currently retails about $83,000.

While it might come with a shorter range, the model will still be fitted with a 75D battery. Tesla will be using a software to limit the battery. Customers that wish to upgrade it can do so at any time although it will cost time $9500 more.

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