Tesla Model S P90D Days Are Limited?

Talk about Tesla looking to release a 100kWh battery pack for their Tesla models have been going on for some time now and now Tesla themselves have confirmed the rumors.

According to Tesla, both the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model S will not be offered with a 100kWh engine. It is said that the engine will not only allow the P100D models to offer a longer electric range but it will also help the Tesla Model S reach 60mph from a standstill in less than 2.5seconds.

We all know that after some time, Tesla has the habit of stopping the lower level models and only offer the top of the range model. Does this mean that the P90D will slowly be phased out by Tesla as they focus on pushing the P100D models?

They never indicated that the P90D might be cut but some consumers think that it would happen eventually.

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