Tesla Model S Owner Loses 7 Sweet Month With It, Tesla To Blame

We have already heard about all the complain the Tesla owners had about Tesla’s limited service center. A lot of owners are forced to wait weeks and month just so they can get their car fixed and according to The Motley Fool, one owner had to wait close to 7 months for his car to get repaired and he still has not gotten his car back.

Not only are owners left without a car to drive but they also have to bear all the additional cost need to find an alternative vehicle to drive while Tesla takes their own sweet time with the repair.

It is not that the service centers are not efficient but with Tesla now delivering more and more model every day, the existing amount of service center is just not going to be enough.

Things will only go from bad to worst once Tesla starts delivering the new Tesla Model 3. If Tesla wants to convince the people that they can do big scale, they will have to find a solution fast.

You can read more about the owner’s story here.

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