Tesla Model S AutoPilot Can Be Exploit If You Try Really Hard

A group of researchers came together to test out the AutoPilot system on the Tesla Model S and found out that you can actually mess with the Autopilot system if you try really hard.

The test was done by researchers from the University of South Caroline, Zhejiang University in China as well as Qihoo 360 and the game to the conclusion that there is certain weakness in the system that people can manipulate.

According to the researchers, they are able to hide a car from the AutoPilot system although they needed to use a $90,000jammer to confuse the sensor. They also tried attacking the ultra-sonic sensors and concluded and they are able to manipulate the sensors to see an object that wasn’t there with an equipment that cost them $40 only.

They also tried messing with the camera system but the camera system proved to be more resilient. The goal of the research was to urge Tesla to add a few more safety features to the AutoPilot system.

The full report of their research will be released later this week.

Steven Estevez

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